Peak District Well Dressing

Well dressings in Derbyshire and the Peak Districts are a sight to behold. They can be seen in many villages including the Dark and White Peak, between May and September.

The exact source of this historical tradition remains an enigma, however some believe that it was bought to Derbyshire by the Romans or Celts, and was a thank you for having fresh water.

The creation of the well dressings are a sight to behold, and you can watch as local villages painstakingly piece together the masterpiece, using natural materials such as petals, leaves and moss, which is all layer out on a bed of clay. The fascinating and beautiful well dressings are then displayed in the villages for all to admire.

Most villages celebrate the ancient tradition with week long activities, called Wakes weeks, which includes fun such as the Duck race, Wheelbarrow races, talent shows, and a carnival food all to enjoy.

There are many well dressings and celebrations near to Curlew cottage, and Eyam and Foolow’s wake week is still to come- 24th-31st August and Foolow- 24th August – 2nd September. The carnival procession in Eyam is one not to miss, as people line the village paths and watch the floats pass by. This year it is on Saturday 31st August at 12.00.

Why not come and stay in beautiful Curlew cottage which is very close to many Peak District villages and you can be part of the celebrations, fun and tradition of Wakes week.